About the Community


Can you tell me about the community?
  • Location: At 58th Ave. and Fig Way in unincorporated Jefferson County, Colorado. Our zip code is 80002. We are near Arvada, Colorado.
  • Homes:91 custom, single-family homes built starting in 1996.
  • Lower Tax Rate: We are in the unincorporated area of Jefferson County. This area is charged a lower tax rate. View details on the Jefferson County website.
Is there a park nearby?
Yes.Van Bibber Open Space is directly accessible from a trail within the community. Van Bibber is a great place to run, bike, walk or walk with your pet while enjoying mountain views and nature. You will often see horsebackriders enjoying the paved and soft-surface trails within the park. Van Bibber gives you a peaceful escape anytime.

Are there other trails or parks nearby?
Yes. There are many excellent trails nearby:
  • Clear Creek Trail: Hike, run or bike the Clear Creek trail. Access this trail from Youngfield Ave., just south of 44th Ave. There is a nice parking lot at this location.
  • Ralston Creek Trail: Hike, run or bike the Ralston Creek trail. You can also ride horseback on portions of the trail. Access this trail from several locations.The trail ends with hills as it passes scenic Tucker Lake and terminates with spectacular views of the Denver skyline at Arvada Blunn Reservoir. Check for details about trail use.
  • Fairmount Trail: Hike or run this dirt trail near the Arvada Blunn Reservoir.
  • North Table Mountain Park: Hike, mountain bike or run this park. You can also ride horseback. Check for details about trail use.
Is there an association? Are there covenants?
Yes. Candlelight Valley is a covenants controlled community, meaning it has a homeowners association. Our association is the Candlelight Valley Homeowners Association, Inc. (CVA). The CVA has an elected Board of Directors comprising volunteer homeowners. The Board provides direction to a professional management company the CVA employs. Each homeowner pays an annual fee and abides by the covenants of the homeowners association.

Is there an annual fee? What does it cover?
Yes. The annual fee covers trash collection, common area maintenance and covenant control.

Is there a neighborhood directory?
Yes. Each year, volunteers create and distribute an updated directory to each household and to our management company. The directory was updated in 2017. Updated directory information will be sent to each household and our management company after each annual meeting. New directories will be distributed from time to time.

What are the local services?
The Jefferson County Sheriff serves our area.

The Arvada Fire Protection District serves our community.

Road maintenance is provided by Jefferson County.

Gas and electricity public services are provided by Xcel Energy.

Water services are provided by North Table Mountain Water and Sanitation District.

Visit the Trash & Recycling page for details about these services.